Placenta Super Powers

We pride ourselves on being placenta junkies, and here's our top reasons why this super hero organ deserves more attention than it gets!


2/14/20243 min read

Since one of our team members is a self-proclaimed placenta junkie cough, cough, Colleen!!, it made sense for us to want to showcase this AMAZING organ, and share some of the things we love most about it!

We hope you will marvel with us, and maybe even be inspired to ask your healthcare provider for a tour of your own placenta!

Three Layers of Goodness:

The FIRST, inner layer is a smooth, thin, transparent membrane called the amnion which encloses the embryo - your baby!

The SECOND layer around the sac is the chorion, which adds extra protection and keeps the fluid surrounding your baby inside until birth time. Your baby will break through both of these layers, to be born!

The THIRD layer is the decidua, the maternal “addition” to the baby package! It consists of beautiful cotyledons, that nourish and provide oxygen to your baby. This is also the surface of your uterus, leaving you with that “dinner plate” wound we are always talking about!

Protective Powers: This is the only home your baby has know until birth! Each cotyledon within the placenta has a purpose and function to filter out harmful substances and ensure your little one gets the nutrients they need to thrive. If a cotyledon becomes ineffective, a new one will grow to replace it! It's like the ultimate team of bodyguards, silently working behind the scenes.

Communication Skills: The placenta is practically a communication maestro. Not only does it relay messages between you and your baby, but it also has its own language of hormones that regulate the entire pregnancy process. It's like having a built-in messaging system that orchestrates the symphony of life inside the womb.

Custom-Made: Forget about one-size-fits-all – the placenta customizes its blood vessels for each and every pregnancy! It tailors the network of vessels to match the needs of your growing baby, ensuring a perfect fit. It's like having a made-to-order circulatory system designed just for your little one, right from the start.

Memory Book: There are miracles hidden in every atom of this gorgeous organ! The placenta keeps a record of your pregnancy journey, and it holds clues about your baby's development and can even provide insights into your health during those nine months. It's like a personal diary that chronicles the amazing story of your baby's beginnings – a biological scrapbook that captures the magic of life.

An Artistic Masterpiece: Brace yourself for this stunning revelation – the placenta is not just a biological marvel; it's a work of art! Nestled on the inside layer of the Amnion, your baby has the beautiful view of the “tree of life”, for their time spent inside.When you take a tour of your placenta, make sure you see this! It is a mesmerizing design that resembles an otherworldly tree.The amniotic fluid is contained in this layer, keeping optimal temperature of the space, and cushioning your baby. The tree of life consists of veins and arteries, connected to the umbilical cord, feeding your baby, and removing waste. Its branching vessels and delicate membranes create a visual masterpiece, reminding us that even in the hidden realms of life, beauty is an integral part of the miracle of birth.

Now you want to see it, right!? It is the ONLY disposable organ in the human body created JUST to protect and nourish your baby!

Be curious.

Be brave.

Be proud.

You and your baby made this incredible Super Hero organ together!