Pelvic Floor Health Program

Combining physiotherapy with deep core conditioning to rehabilitate your pelvic floor.

6 Week Program

Program Details

Pelvic Floor Health is a six week program designed specifically for prenatal and postpartum women! This program begins with an initial pelvic floor physiotherapy assessment, includes a once-weekly deep core conditioning class at Tandem Unified Wellness, and finishes with a final pelvic floor physiotherapy session to track your progress! 🎉

*Toddlers & Infants welcome to attend core classes. *

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  2. If you have not had a pelvic floor assessment within the last two months from a physiotherapist, contact Seaway Physiotherapy to book one:

    Seaway Physiotherapy, Prescott ON
    (613) 925-2220

  3. Join us at 11am, on Tuesday mornings at Tandem Unified Wellness Studio, in Brockville, starting May 7th to begin core conditioning! Safe for both prenatal & postpartum.


Meet Your Program Leaders!

Together we create a stronger, healthier community by combining our areas of expertise to create programs that focus on maternal health and family well-being.


Owner & Fitness Trainer

Tandem Unified Wellness, Brockville, ON

Jenni has been a part of the fitness industry for over 10 years, and began her journey into fitness as an adult.

Never the sporty or naturally athletic type, she was surprised to find that she would gain such joy and satisfaction from learning to become an instructor and working with clients in group fitness and personal training. Starting her journey with a single Cycle fitness class, she quickly devoured all the information she could, becoming certified in many Fitness Streams.

Jenni has worked with clients from all walks of life and all abilities, from young adults training for specific physical testing requirements, brain injury clients, client with addictions and to older adults looking for more functionality in their daily lives. She enjoys incorporating exercises into her classes and personal sessions that will help people reach their goals in a way that will also improve their lifestyle satisfaction.

Liz Givenrod - Wood


Seaway Physiotherapy, Prescott, ON

Liz has a passion for women's health and has been offering pelvic
floor physiotherapy to her community since the year 2000! She effectively
treats urinary and bowel incontinence, constipation, bladder and bowel urgency and pelvic pain.

She currently has the honour of leading a team of three
highly skilled and compassionate pelvic floor physiotherapists at
Seaway Physiotherapy Centre in Prescott, Ontario. Within her team there is 50+ years of shared experience! Together, they are are constantly studying and upgrading
their skill set to keep up with the rapidly evolving treatment options from new research.

Liz is excited about partnering with other professionals to bring pelvic floor awareness to even more people!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pelvic floor physio?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy provides treatment for issues of incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse, prolapse, helping to prepare for birth, and rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles after birth - just to name a few!

What is the cost of the Pelvic Floor Health Program?

Payment to Seaway Physiotherapy and Tandem Unified Wellness will be made separately:

Seaway Physiotherapy:
Initial Assessment, $99 (1hr)
Follow-up Assessment, $79 (1/2)
Payment can be made at clinic!
*This portion of the program is covered by any physiotherapy benefit plan.

Tandem Unified Wellness:
6 Week Series: $105 +tx
OR included in monthly membership for gym members.
(Unlimited Monthly Membership = $110+tx)

Payment for 6 week program to Tandem can be made here:

Do I have to use Seaway Physiotherapy for a pelvic floor assessment?

Infants and young children are welcome to the core conditioning portion of this program!

Can I bring my children?

Not necessarily! The program recommends that you be seen by a pelvic floor physiotherapist within two months of beginning, and again within a couple weeks after the program completes.