Meet Kristina

Hi, I’m Kristina, a proud NICU mama and passionate advocate for my son!

It’s been a long & winding road since he was born premature with a birth defect that kept us in the hospital for 4 months, and led to lifelong complications.

My background in health and nutrition could never have prepared me for dealing with a child who was unable to eat. And ever since a life-saving surgery in 2014, I have been navigating the world of medical complexities to support my son, and ensure he has the best quality of life possible.

More recently, I have been offering support to empower NICU parents and am on a mission to inspire healthy families using food, fitness, and fun!

You can often find me by the river with my son or enjoying Mother Nature around our beautiful city.

If you are a family that has spent time in the NICU and/or is caring for a child with medical complexities, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I would love to connect, to encourage, and to inspire you on your own journey caring for the ones you love most through challenging circumstances.

Connect with Kristina

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